I like to have a bit of variety on the trail, and I do love a good butter chicken. As such, I endeavoured to make anoow-carb dehydrated butter chicken camp meal recipe to take with me on my backpacking adventures.

Keto Dehydrated Butter Chicken Backpacking Camp Meal Recipe



  1. Before getting started, Please note that this recipe makes 2 meals, so all your ingredients will be divided in half to go into 2 separate bags.

  2. Season shredded chicken with salt, tandoori masala, garlic powder and onion powder then spread it out on one side of a dehydrator roll sheet.

  3. Add all the cauliflower rice to a second dehydrator roll sheet. Turn on the dehydrator and run for 4-5 hours, until everything is completely dry.

  4. Add half the dehydrated chicken and half the cauliflower rice to 2 different pint-sizes ziplock freezer bags. Add half all the remaining ingredients to each bag and seal until ready to use. If I’m not using them right away, I’ll store them in my freezer with a food-safe oxygen absorber (like the ones that come in seaweed packages), then remove the oxygen absorber before prepping it.

  5. Around 20 minutes before you plan to eat, add ¼-½ cup water to the bag and stir. When ready to eat, add boiled water, little by little, stirring to combine until it’s at your preferred consistency. Seal the bag or cover the container if using one and let sit for a few minutes to let water fully absorb before eating.

Did you give this keto dehydrated butter chicken backpacking camp meal recipe a try? If so, let me know what you think in the comments. Or if you share any pics on Instagram, tag me so I can see your creations. Bonus points if the photo is out in some beautiful backpacking destination! :)