I don’t usually need an entire loaf of keto bread being just me and my husband, but it is something I like to have occasionally. This 90-second coconut flour keto bread recipe is perfect for just such occasions, and it's nut-free and can be made dairy-free too for those with sensitivities.

90-Second Coconut Flour Keto Bread Recipe



  1. In a small microwave safe bowl or mug (mine measures 3 inches on the bottom and 3.5 inches at the top), melt the butter in the microwave. Allow the melted butter to slightly cool, then stir in the remaining ingredients until smooth.

  2. Microwave the mixture on high for in two sets of 45 seconds to keep the mixture for rising over the top of the vessel. (*Note: if you have a more powerful microwave like I do, you might want to try a lower power. I use 70% power for 45 seconds at a time). The bread will puff up while cooking, then slightly deflate. When done, it will look like a muffin. Make sure it appears set, otherwise microwave 10-20 more seconds. That being said, 90 seconds should be enough, and overcooking can dry it up. Use a tea towel or oven mats to remove it from the microwave as it will be hot.

  3. Allow the bread slightly cool, a minute or so. Then use a paring knife to gently loosen the bread edges and remove from the bowl onto a plate.

  4. Slice the bread crosswise into two slices and top with your favorite toppings.

  5. If you’d like to toast the bread, heat 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter in a small or medium skillet to medium-low heat. Add the sliced bread. Cook the bread until golden, gently pressing on the slices with a spatula to ensure even toasting, around 3 minutes each side.

Did you make this nut-free 90 second keto bread recipe? If so, please let me know how it turned out in the comments. Or if you share pics of your creations on Instagram, please tag me so I can see them. Enjoy! :)