Sometimes I don't want the hassle of cooking up something complicated for a carb-up meal. This salad is the perfect solution for just such occasions. By using pre-roasted chick peas and store-bought tzatziki (if I'm feeling particularly lazy), I can whip this salad up super quick with minimal prep works and zero cooking.

Carb-Up Mediterranean Salad with Crispy Chick Peas and Tzatziki Recipe


  1. Toss roast chick peas in smoked paprika if desired.

  2. Add ½ the rice/grains to two separate serving bowls. Top each with half the chick peas, cucumber, onion, and tomatoes.

  3. Add a 1/4 cup dollop of tzatziki on top of each bowl, then sprinkle half the feta on on each. Garnish with fresh herb and a light drizzle of olive oil.

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